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On November 15, 2017, in Paris, France, Sara Garbarini presented a panel discussion titled “Build a Better Mousetrap: An Innovative Public School Applied Behavior Analysis Hybrid Model”. This panel discussed 3 different ABA models that use cloud-based instruction/curriculum, highlighting the

David Gregory School’s 1:1 model with the Verbal Behavior Curriculum on the cloud. The discussion was very well attended by colleagues from around the world. ABA professionals were very interested in learning about the DGS ABA model and the curriculum.

On November 14, 2017, in Paris, France, Gladys Williams presented a workshop titled “The Acquisition of Behavioral Cusps as the Basics to Develop Language.” This workshop focused on teaching participants the strategies for building successful conversational skills in students with Autism with examples straight from the David Gregory School.

D.G.S. is also proud to announce its participation on May 25-26th, in the 44th annual ABAI (Association for Behavior Analysis International) conference in San Diego, CA.

Dr. Gladys Williams and Sara Garbarini presented a workshop on the “Acquisition of Behavioral Cusps as the Basics to Develop Language” and a symposium on “Managing Generative Processes in the Development of Early Verbal Behavior Repertoires”. In the symposium, Sara Garbarini presented a paper on “Teaching Learners Who Use a Speech Generated Device to Mand for Information-Asking Questions About Hidden Objects” and Gladys Williams presented a paper on “Decreasing Echolalic Responses by Teaching a Conditional Response to the Autoclitic “or” When Differentially Tacting From Two Options.” The papers were discussed by Sarah Lechago from the University of Houston-Clear Lake and were very well received. Gladys and Sara enjoyed the conference and “talking shop” with colleagues from around the world.