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Program Information

The program at David Gregory School is research based and designed to provide the most effective education avaliable. We utilize the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis, widely recognized as the best method of instruction for producing positive and lasting results in children with developmental disabilities and autism. As this is an evolving science, we continually seek out and implement the latest proven findings while also contributing to the body of research

Each child is carefully assessed and then an individualized curriculum is developed by a specially trained therapist to address the student’s specific needs and goals. Progress is graphed and analyzed daily to ensure the instructional plan is effective and that personal goals are being met.

Instruction is provided in a highly structured environment, characterized by positive non-aversive behavior-change procedures. Innovative interventions, which have been proven effective through systematic research, are incorporated throughout the program. While the school day is structured, periods of academic work are complemented with physical, social, and creative experiences.

Student curriculum is based on the NJ Core Curriculum Content Standards. We also utilize the Verbal Behavior Model, which includes the following programs and services:

Comprehensive Speech Program

To ensure that each child acquires the functional use of language to his/her potential, we utilize the Verbal Behavior Model, which includes:

  • Verbal behavior analysis
  • Remediation for articulation difficulties
  • Augmentative communication support

Social Skills TrainingTo help develop the necessary social skills that will allow each child to interact positively with others, the school provides:

  • Peer modeling in which peers and siblings are brought into the school to assist with the teaching of social skills
  • Play date role-playing
  • Instructional lunches with staff

Support Services

Recognizing that early diagnosis and intervention are critical to the child's future success, we provide an intensive program for young children, which includes:

  • Working with families to transfer skills from school to home
  • Developing activity schedules and leisure skills training
  • Facilitating a parent support 
  • Collaborating with parents and schools to transition children comfortably back to the district, when that is the goal

The heart of the program ensures our responsibility to the individual success of each student.

This is how we achieve these goals…

  • Providing a 1-on-1 individualized curriculum
  • Providing a 2-1 model and transition services when needed
  • Hiring the best possible staff, and then continuing their education with ongoing training and support
  • Employing the latest proven practices available and contributing to ongoing research in the field
  • Intervening as early as possible to help ensure the child’s best possible outcome
  • Punctuating periods of academic work with physical, social, and creative experiences
  • Knowing that every child can learn, and if they are not learning, knowing when a new intervention is needed
  • Teaching life skills to students of all ages, so they can become as independent as possible
  • Providing comprehensive speech therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and social skills training infused into the program
  • Monitoring progress daily to make sure that students are meeting their personal goals